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Thursday, January 27, 2011

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How should one wear a great looking belt?

This is a question I am asked by people who havn't worn belts in awhile.
First off, wear it however you feel it looks best on you.  For other ideas/inspiration read on!

Obviously, wearing a great statement belt with your jeans is a no brainer but there are other ways to
wear a custom made belt and really make a plain outfit pop!

One of the looks I like best is a belt worn lower on the hips with the end hanging down, not through the belt loop.
This can look great on any type of longer tunic top, dress, or my favorite, a vintage slip dress worn with cowboy boots.

One of my favorite designers who offers vintage slip dresses is Glamarella Junk, http://glamarellajunk.blogspot.com/
Her style is fabulous and her items are beautiful!

I am adding a photo of hers with a belt worn in the style I mentioned above.  To add a little modesty to this you could add a little black swing jacket and some black leggings with great black sandals or boots. For a more casual look you could add a jean jacket and cowboy boots.

Please note, these are not my photos, just ideas on how to wear great looking belts.

Here are two of my newest creations.

Vintage Paris Chandeleire Belt Buckle

Seductive Peacock Belt Buckle

If you would like to see more of my custom made belt buckles and rings please visit my

But most important always be Uniquely You!

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