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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Women's 2011 Fashion Trends

The dresses are long and flowing, the prints are vibrant florals, but how can a girl make her spring outfits really fabulous?
Accessorize! Accessorize! Accessorize!

Accessories are what personalize a look. They are the finishing touch that makes you look polished and put together. Last time I checked, looking a hot mess was tres chic back in the 90’s with the Marc Jacobs grunge inspired look, and thank god that trend has passed!

                 Did anyone ever think that this really looked fabulous?  (Yikes)

So here is some accessories advice for this season to help you complete your fabulous look.
Let’s begin with shoes, because no girl can resist a new pair of shoes at the beginning of a new season. I know this is a little cliché but if you buy only one pair this spring make it the nude pump. On the spring runway it came in all heights and materials, so why not show off that pedicure after months hiding your toes in boots. This shoe will become a staple for you this spring/summer 2011 season, and because it’s a neutral you’ll be able to wear them well into the fall.

The best part is that they make everyone’s legs look a mile long.

The nude tone is like an invisible extension to your legs that doesn’t create that visual line that cuts off your leg like last year’s gladiator sandal.

If you love the nature inspired looks of this season’s runway but don’t feel like wearing head to toe floral prints, there are plenty of ways to incorporate nature’s bounty with accessories. Butterflies and flowers on shoes, headbands, belts and jewelry were everywhere on the spring runways.

For those who like to rock their style a little more then take a look at Alexander McQueen’s accessories.  He is using a lot of skull and crossbones in his line right now, very bold and dramatic.  

Find the one that suits your style best and then run with it.

In handbags the trend this season was the return of color. Prada, Jill Sander’s, Dior, YSL, they all have spring 2011 bags in electric blues, shocking pinks, vibrant purples and limey greens. 

I love to go to these top designers for the new looks and then hit the outlet centers, online discounters, etc. to find similar looks for less $.

In the jewelry department big statement pieces are still a must. This is an easy way to turn an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary look. Just add a statement cuff or a big statement necklace or a fantastic belt and you go from board meeting (yawn) to cocktails, yea!

Play around with a few of the pieces you have already and add some new ones, after all a girl’s got to shop!

So now you are properly accessorized for this spring season and ready to express yourself through all the great shoes, bags, belts and jewels of the season.  I will leave you with some great advice from the iconic Coco Chanel herself “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” Now get out there and express that great style of yours, and as always,  Remember to be Uniquely You J

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fashion trends for 2011

Belt's are all the rage this year!

This season women’s belts are being worn loose about the hips or cinched around the waist to accent feminine lines with fluid fabrics, your favorite jeans or fitted sweater dresses. And with retro and vintage elegance back in style in a big way, the buckles are the focal point, some with crystal accents, vintage elements or hammered metal.

Women’s leather belt designs never go out of style, especially to accent jeans, but the new looks allow you to wear one over tunics, slip dresses, maxi dresses, you name it.  It’s all up to you, women’s fashion belts are there to give a final touch of individuality to your look no matter your style.   A great looking belt can turn an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one.  Interchangeable buckles and belt straps can create many different looks for less money, and besides, who doesn’t love to stretch their fashionista dollars!  As always, no matter what you choose to wear, remember to always be Uniquely You.  

Friday, May 13, 2011

Three cheers for tryhandmade.com

I blogged about this site a while back.  I love browsing through the gallery, I have come across some amazingly beautiful handmade works.  I highly recommend heading over and checking it out, you never know what might spark your interest.
For all you indie artists out there, submit your best work and see what happens.  I wound up getting my Om Yoga belt buckle featured, who doesn't love free advertising!
Check it out   http://gallery.tryhandmade.com/belt-buckle-turquoise-om-yoga-symbol/
Enjoy :)

2 more custom belt buckles added to Uniquely You!

Ran Into My Ex Belt Buckle

Mixed Media Butterfly Belt Buckle

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What Is Alzheimer's Disease? What It Does to the Brain Video

What Is Alzheimer's Disease? What It Does to the Brain Video
Please forward this on to help raise awareness, support and understanding for patients and their families who are dealing with this awful disease, thanks.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Marvelous Month of May Giveaway

                Let's have a little fun!
I am hosting a giveaway this month with one of my custom designed belt buckles, you get to choose the one you would like!
Below you will find the selections to choose from, I hope you see something that catches your eye!
                              Summer Seashell Belt Buckle


                                           Enchanted Garden Gate Belt Buckle


Art Nouveau Silver Beaded Lady Belt Buckle


                                                       Rock & Roll Belt Buckle


                                              Create Good Karma Belt Buckle


                                           Vintage Marilyn Monroe Belt Buckle


                                                Royal Crown Belt Buckle

                                           Virgin Mother and Child Belt Buckle

                                                     White Magnolia Belt Buckle


Wild Horses Belt Buckle


Pink Hope Belt Buckle


Rustic Mixed Media Butterfly


Ran into my ex....


How to enter:
1. Leave a comment below along with your email address (So I can contact you if you win.)
2. Follow my blog or be a blog follower.

Earn extra entries by:
1. Blogging about this giveaway
2. Tweeting about this giveaway (If you are not on Twitter how about Facebook?)
3. Writing a lens on Squidoo, Google Buzz, whatever medium you like to use.

Leave a separate comment below letting me know in which ways you've entered along with a link to those entries.  For each tweet, blog, etc. you post linking to my site you will earn another entry into the drawing. For additional photos of these belt buckles please visit my Etsy shop at www.etsy.com/shop/tonyaboezi

Thanks for participating and I will announce who the winner is the first week in June!

P.S.  If you need a belt strap to go with your buckle I will be selling them in my shop within the next week or so.  I will be offering black and chocolate brown, in sizes S, M, L and XL.  The cost will be $8.00
If you are looking for something other than plain black or brown let me know and I can recommend a good supplier.