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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Adding glamour and style to your home.

The allure of the candle.........

I have always been a big fan of candles, I think they are great accessories to use in a house and a glamorous and inexpensive way to add style and romance to your home.  I have candles pretty much everywhere in my house, from the kitchen, I like the scented ones best to get rid of kitchen odors and to add a wonderful smell to the house, to the family room for style and a soft glow at night.  For me, candles are a must have item for any bedroom, I also use them in powder rooms and I always have one on the edge of my bathtub.

Here are some fun ways to display candles and if you are looking for some unique, one of a kind creations to put in your own home, then please visit my Etsy shop to view my new line of Glam Candles and Holders.   No matter what your decorating style, as always, remember to be Uniquely You!

Fabulous Glam Candles and Holders now available in my Etsy shop - get your favorite before it's gone!

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