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Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Design Series - Custom Clix

1 belt buckle base +
 Multiple Interchangeable ‘faces’ =
Unlimited looks, style and $avings!

A new and unique concept in
 belt buckle design!

 The Custom Clix design series utilizes a small but very  powerful magnet to ensure a secure hold every time, allowing you to create so many fun and unique looks.

The concept is simple.
Just choose any Custom Clix belt buckle base, add any interchangeable face and create as many versatile and unique looks as you desire.

So why not join in the fun of customizing your own belt buckle with Custom Clix, your unique style is just a click away!

To see my new design series please visit my shop at
I will be adding to this new line with more unique looks, this is just a preview.

                                                            Go from this to

to this

                                                                    then to this!  

              More 'faces' = More looks, style and $avings!

Here's a new design I just added today!

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