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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wedding Trends for 2011

The overall trend for 2011 seems to be 'subtle luxury,' with a heavy emphasis on creativity and personality.

After the weddings with huge and opulent flower arrangements come the small and simple ones, with less quantity. Tables are tending to be long and elegant instead of round, because long tables not only emphasize the decoration but are also reminiscent of other times, when they were part of homemade family celebrations.   2011 trends for table centerpieces tend to include country flowers in recycled small glass vases, such as yogurt or mason jars and tin tea cans.  The goal is to create an eco-chic and rustic ambience for the wedding, which is both original and elegant.
The past is back and all vintage ideas as well. Incorporating modern elements that have a historical past is a growing trend.  Presenting your guests with party favors from historical brands, building the wedding theme around this concept, recycling and wearing your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress, incorporating your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding pictures into the d├ęcor, creating an atmosphere of nostalgic romance is always nice and very, very trendy these days.

Just as weddings in general are going to be simple and pretty in 2011, so is the menu. Traditional food is being presented in a very tasteful way and with a touch of originality. Serving lemonade, sparkling waters, colorful teas – all in a special way – is definitely a very pretty trend.

The DIY concept – Do It Yourself – is definitely here to stay and it’s one of the biggest 2011 wedding trends, not only from an economical view but also because there isn’t anything more special than incorporating handmade elements – made by the bride and the groom – into the wedding.
Photography is going vintage this season with wedding albums that are reminiscent of the seventies. Draped textiles as backgrounds for photographing the bride and the groom, as well as guests, in a relaxed setting is a big trend, it’s very simple and, best of all, loads of fun for everyone.

Wedding cakes will continue to be tall and elegant, but with a touch of rustic-chic, where fondant is replaced by a delicious butter cream and large sugar flowers are substituted by natural flowers, sugar glazed fruit or just fun details. The wedding cake table is still a huge trend and a highlight at the reception venue.
And last, but not least, THE most important trend in weddings for 2011 - YOU!
Make this day uniquely your own, don't get caught up in anyone elses rules, just incorporate elements that you and your guy find beautiful and fun.  The most important and meaningful element to come out of this day is a long and happy marriage.  So sit back, decide what you want your day to look like and most importantly, enjoy being Uniquely You!


  1. Hi Tonya...found you through BlogFrog and checked out your Etsy Shop....what lovely buckles. Would like your permission to do a feature of your shop on my blog....please let me know...you do such beautiful work....always admire someone who can do intricate beading.


  2. Hello. Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment :) I would be honored to be featured in your blog. Thanks again and take care,

  3. Amazing blog!! Really liked all weddings trends shared. Want to have something trendy for my wedding that will be arranged at one of Seattle venues. Planning to hire talented wedding planner for the day. Want to make my dream day best.