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Sunday, March 20, 2011

A "must see" Etsy shop!

Take a vintage item, add a talented designer who upcycles it in a way that was never originally intended and you have a work of art!

One such artist who does this beautifully is Sandy of Silver Spoon Art.   The banner on Sandy’s Etsy shop reads: See how beautiful the Non-Business-End of a spoon can really be!
A perfect entry statement before venturing into one of Etsy’s most unique vintage jewelry shops.
Sandy is the owner and creator of Silver Spoon Art.  All of her pieces are handcrafted using beautiful vintage silverware.
I asked Sandy where she finds such gorgeous pieces to work with.  She informed me that she finds her silverware in old barns, Estate sales, auctions and antique shops.  Sandy chooses the silverware based on her personal esthetics of what would look best fashioned into jewelry.
Her favorite patterns are: Portland, American Beauty, Precious Mirror and the next pattern she finds! -  the list goes on and on!
Who would have thought silverware could look so gorgeous as jewelry?  Obviously Sandy did and the results are fantastic.
Here is a sampling of some of her gorgeous bracelets, look at the clasps on these pieces!  So original and stunning.

Sandy also fashions silverware into necklace pendants.  Take at look at these precious creations.

Upon talking further with Sandy I learned a very interesting bit of information  about silver spoons and the saying “Born with a Silver Spoon in their mouth”.
This saying dates back to medieval times, when silver was a highly regarded material because of its long list of desirable properties. “While any silver spoon or silverware for that matter, wasn't easily found at the time, there were indeed many useful characteristics that silver was known for such as the ability to fend off bacteria. This was important in the dark ages because of the bacterial plagues in prior centuries. Why? Because babies born to wealthy families had the luxury of teething on sterling silver spoons, which well-to-do parents could afford to buy. The act of sucking upon a silver spoon was thought to be instrumental in preventing plague bacteria and the babies that lived on the right side of the tracks didn't contract the Plague as easily -- And the saying developed: "Born with a Silver Spoon in their mouth".
Pretty interesting huh?

Imagine what these spoons have "seen". Some were around before cars, electricity and indoor plumbing! It makes you wonder who may have held these spoons? Could it have been someone that played an important part in our history? All the family and Holiday dinners these pieces attended, during a time when there were no gadgets ringing, buzzing and beeping during mealtime. They carry within them part of the past, a quieter and more restful period and perhaps by wearing one, it will remind you to take a breath and slow down– if even for only a moment.
I invite you to browse through Sandy’s shop on Etsy.  Her pieces are truly unique and beautiful – Enjoy!

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