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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

1 belt buckle - 2 totally different uses!

Fashion cowboy hats are all the rage but why be committed to just one look? Why not enjoy the option of totally changing the look of your hat to match your style and outfit. This hat will not only have you looking fabulous but also give you more bang for your buck.

There will be a very small but extremely powerful magnet on the back of your belt buckle which attaches securely to a small magnet on the front of my cowboy hats. One buckle worn two totally different ways!

These straw cowboy hats have wire brims that can be shaped anyway you desire. They are accented with small crystals inspersed around the band of the hat.

When you are looking to change things up and want to go back to wearing the buckle with a belt, no problem. The magnet is recessed on the buckle and in no way interferes when wearing it on a belt strap.
The decorative ribbons are interchangeable and/or removable; they are just tied around the D ring on the back of the buckle.

So why not stretch your fashion dollars even further and enjoy two totally different looks for a fraction of the price!

All of my hats come with a super soft, removable jersey knit hat sizer which attaches to the front sweatband inside the hat, where your head rests. This will help to ensure a nice snug fit and also keeps the inside of your hat clean from the oils and make-up that rub off.
When soiled just simply replace. I will be selling replacements in my shop within the next 2 weeks.


  1. Those Belt buckles looks nice and I can see some good variety too. But I am not sure about the build quality as long I can inspect them physically. Are you providing some guarantee.

  2. Hi Gordon! I have been selling my belt buckles for over a year now, I never have had one come back. Yes, I guarantee all of my items. If for some reason anything were to ever go wrong with the buckle I offer a guranteed replacement. I use industrial strength epoxy and super strong adhesive on all my creations. Do you own a shop? If so, here is my wholesale website, www.uniquelyyouwholesale.com
    Please let me know if you have any further questions.